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Klaine at me sis  
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Do you find yourself with a huge gay following?

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i love how theres no beyonce fandom because everyone is in the beyonce fandom

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this was made by sam evans


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sam evans could have made any sort of art at all but he chose to make a picture of kurt hummel’s face and i will never be okay again

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  • sam: hey blaine do you mind i kinda made macaroni art of your ex boyfriend but its a completely platonic display of friendship i was just missing him a little actually a lot but its just platonic completely meant as a friendly gesture of friendness
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no i’m not crying i just have some kum in my eye

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kum was supposed to be canon and sam make macaroni art of kurts face and took on karofsky for him and has mp3s of him singing and told kurt about his family being homeless when everyone else didnt know and people thought they were together and sam used to live with kurt and he could have made that art of anyone like idk his girlfriend but he made it of kurt because he was thinking of kurt im not okay


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Kurt Hummel Appreciation Week - Favorite Kurt Performance
 Rose’s Turn

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